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Founded in 2019 by its enigmatic and charismatic leader, Cabe McAlister, The Children of Elysia offer their followers a better life in the virtual world by ascending through a hierarchical structure to achieve the promise of a utopian existence.

The cult’s recruitment strategies focus on targeting those seeking a sense of belonging and purpose. Emphasising personal growth by encouraging followers to ascend through its seven levels, each named after an angel and representing a higher stage of enlightenment. It promises a virtual world where members can live without fear, pain, or suffering.

The MMO Dust to Stars, also known as DTS, has been linked to its founder Cabe McAlister. Although no connection has been established, there are several similarities between The Children’s doctrine and the structure of Dust to Stars. The game’s design combines MMO elements with real-world tasks and connections, immersing players in an experience that blurs the line between the virtual and real worlds with players ascending the seven levels to reach a virtual paradise.

Offering an array of gameplay elements, such as open-world exploration, player-versus-player (PvP) combat, crafting, and dynamic events. It integrates augmented reality (AR), real-world landmarks, a player-driven economy, and a dynamic faction system. Ongoing storylines and world events create an ever-evolving and engaging experience for its players.  As they progress through the levels, they become more deeply integrated into the cult’s activities and inner circle. At level four, players can join the DTS guild. It is also thought that at this point, certain players have been approached by members of The Children.

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