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Kristjan Sørensen

Kristjan Sørensen
Age: 28
B.Sc. Applied Mathematics, Lund University, Sweden. M.Sc. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
Current Occupation: Advanced Game Developer / AI Programmer

Kristjan’s emotional detachment is both a shield and a weakness. Whilst allowing him to thrive in the fields of mathematics, computer science, and AI programming, this detachment has also become a barrier to forming deep, personal connections, leaving him isolated and struggling to establish meaningful relationships.

His past is a ghost that refuses to be left behind. The trauma of his father’s death and the subsequent family scandal drove him to seek refuge in the anonymous networks of the dark web, where he found a sense of control and escape. This past involvement has left him vulnerable to the pull of shadowy figures who seek to leverage his skills for their criminal endeavours, ensnaring him in a web of potential blackmail and coercion.

Known in academic and professional circles as an exceptional talent, his innovations in AI and gaming have earned him both respect and notoriety. This expertise has also made him a beacon to those seeking to push technological boundaries, for better or worse, putting him at risk of being exploited for nefarious purposes. While he loves his sister, he keeps her at arm’s length to protect her from the dangers of his past life, creating a distance that prevents them from truly reconnecting as he tries to regain control over his life and seek redemption from his past mistakes.

Kristjan represents the duality of technology, being both a force for innovation and a potential pathway to isolation and risk. His journey is a complex blend of intellectual triumph and emotional struggle, making him a deeply layered character who embodies the intricate interplay between technology, morality, and identity.

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