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Ari Khatri

Ari Khatri
Age: 45
Ethnicity: Indian
Education: MBA, Harvard Business School
Current Occupation: CEO of Asimov

Ari Khatri possesses an insatiable ambition and relentless drive, which propelled him to transform his father’s pharmaceutical business into a global powerhouse and establish Asimov, a conglomerate dominating multiple sectors. His pursuit of innovation and cutting-edge advancements is fuelled by an unwavering determination.

Despite his immense wealth and success, Ari shuns the limelight, preferring solitude and privacy. This reclusive nature is reflective of his introspective personality, as he prefers to keep a low profile, unlike many of his contemporaries in the industry.

Ari’s philosophy aligns with Long-termism, emphasising the importance of positively influencing the long-term future, even if it requires short-term sacrifices. This ethical stance often leads him to make decisions that can be morally ambiguous, as he prioritises the vast arc of humanity’s horizon over the immediacy of the present.

His belief in the righteousness of his vision drives him to manipulate the ideology of “The Children of Elysia”, bending their utopian objectives to align with his own long-term strategic goals. He justifies his actions under the guise of the greater good, showcasing his willingness to employ strategic manipulation to achieve his ends.

Ari Khatri is not merely an industrial titan but an embodiment of the philosophical framework of Long-termism. His story is a combination of ambition and moral complexity, portraying a man whose actions influence the fate of humanity within the evolving landscape of virtual and real worlds. His character highlights the influential few steering this transformative crossroads of AI ascendancy, forcing us to question whether such power should be concentrated in the hands of so few individuals.

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