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Dust To Stars Game Outline

The Angelic Ascension

  1. The game takes place in a world called Elysia, where real-world locations merge with fantastical landscapes.
  2. Seven major regions represent the seven levels of The Children, each named after an angel.
  3. Real-world locations serve as starting points for quests and tasks, linking the real and virtual worlds.

Gameplay: Players join The Children and progress through the seven levels by completing tasks, both in-game and in the real world. Players must maintain anonymity and work together to accomplish goals. As players advance through levels, they gain access to new abilities, items, and areas in the game.

The Seven Levels:

Level One – Gabriel’s Insight: Players discover the actual site for The Children. They gain access to a new in-game region and must complete quests to learn more about the organization. Connection: being able to be part of the internet without leaving a trace or being recognized, scanning the QR code without the site hacking your information.

Level Two – Raphael’s Watchers: Players join the spotting community to track internet “ghosts.” Players participate in coordinated in-game activities and gain new social abilities. Judgment: Finding a picture of Harper or another internet ghost to prove that you have been chosen to have the sight.

level Three –  Baradiel’s Recruiters: Players learn the true purpose of the organization. Players begin recruiting new members through social media and unlock new in-game recruitment tools. Tree of knowledge: Finding the organization’s true purpose without being told.

Level Four –  Michael’s Guild: Players join the MMO guild and become part of a close-knit circle. They engage in daily check-ins and team-building exercises, enhancing teamwork and communication.

Level Five – Zadkiel’s Gathering: Players participate in in-person meetings, further integrating the community. They unlock special in-game events and locations exclusive to this level. The Holy Temple: Becoming a part of the MMO guild run by Cassiel. Tools for communication in-game MMO chats aren’t logged the same way as online ones, leaving less tracks. In joining the guild, the guild master can also check when was the last time each person logged on to make sure they haven’t left or gone silent. He has certain times you have to check in to be accounted for and a certain amount of content you must do each week to build bonds and teamwork within the group.  Meeting other members in person you can choose whether to be a pioneer and enter the virtual world or become part of the team that supports them

Level Six – Zebul’s Pioneers: Players become part of the experiment, either as guinea pigs or researchers. They gain access to a secret in-game bunker and unlock advanced abilities and items. Celestial Records: Becoming part of the experiment completely by full immersion or helping with the experiment’s research by becoming an administrator or scientist.

Level Seven – Cassiel’s Triumvirate: Players ascend to the highest level, joining the leaders of the group. They gain control over the game’s major aspects, such as heading the guild or managing PR. They are responsible for maintaining order and the organization’s secrets. Rulers: The people who are the very head of the organization (I imagine there are actually three Cassiels, a public face who interests with other organizations, a private face who is the mastermind and the brain who is in charge of the experimental research.

The Angelic Ascension combines elements of traditional MMOs with real-world tasks and connections, immersing players in a unique experience that blurs the line between the virtual and th

  • A diverse range of races and classes for character creation.
  • A robust crafting system for creating items, weapons, and armor.
  • Open-world exploration with dynamic events and world bosses.
  • PvP arenas and battlegrounds for competitive play.
  • Regular updates and expansions to keep the game world evolving.

Additional Features and Gameplay Elements:

  1. Real-World Augmented Reality (AR) Integration:
    • Players can use their smartphones or AR devices to interact with the game world in real-life locations.
    • Real-world landmarks and points of interest serve as quest hubs, PvP arenas, and resource nodes.
    • Players must collaborate in real-time, with both in-game and real-life actions, to complete specific tasks.
  2. Advanced Player-Driven Economy:
    • A complex and player-driven economy based on supply and demand.
    • Unique regional markets, reflecting the state of each angelic level.
    • The ability for players to establish and run their own businesses, influencing the game’s economy.
  3. Dynamic Faction System:
    • Multiple factions within The Children, each with its own objectives and goals.
    • Players can choose to align with a faction or remain neutral.
    • Faction-based PvP events and territory control, influencing the game world and storyline.
  4. Ongoing Storyline and World Events:
    • Regular content updates introducing new storylines and quests.
    • World events, such as invasions or celestial phenomena, that affect all players and can reshape the game world.
    • Players’ actions and choices have a lasting impact on the game’s narrative and environment.
  5. Comprehensive Social Features:
    • A robust social system, allowing players to connect, communicate, and collaborate in-game and through social media platforms.
    • In-game and real-life meetups and events for players to bond and strengthen their connections.
    • Customizable player housing and guild halls, serving as social hubs and personal sanctuaries.
  6. Mentorship and Progression System:
    • Experienced players can mentor new players, guiding them through the game’s content and challenges.
    • Mentorship rewards both the mentor and the mentee with exclusive items, abilities, and in-game benefits.
    • A deep progression system, with multiple paths for character development and specialization.

The Angelic Ascension merges traditional MMO elements with real-world integration, creating an immersive and expansive game world that evolves and adapts based on player actions. The game offers a unique and captivating experience, blending the lines between the virtual and real worlds, and encouraging strong bonds among its players as they ascend through the ranks of The Children.

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